Uh-oh, did I say "tomorrow" (for "reflecting back" notes)? Well, today was the day we chose, after very carefully checking out all the details of the weather forecast, to go Walmart and Camping World shopping. As it turned out, the sun did come out gloriously several times, and we probably could have stayed here and bbq’ed, but have to get our Apple Granny "Awesome Blossom" in at some point anyway! (You know, that large blooming onion?)

It did turn to be a profitable day, as I FINALLY found my favourite kind of outdoor chair–YAAAY!!!! The old ones were beginning to be on their last legs, and everywhere we looked we couldn’t find anymore like those ones: you can lean back and put your feet up, or you can sit up straight and put your feet up. Very expensive, but worth it–and these new ones have thicker cushions which are ALSO weather resistent (which the old ones were not). Yay!!

So now it’s dark and therefore long past bedtime-storytime! "Tomorrow…"

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin Day 22 (Oct. 15).

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