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their silence fills the earth

Each day, I quickly finish up any "required tasks" so I can get back to sorting pictures! I’ve finished over 500 old photos (but there’s a whole bunch more in the Pappy-folder), with some loose recent ones mixed in; now … Continue reading

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“on tour in the skies,”

Vacation is the time for me to be myself, instead of Dustie. The main reason I have to keep posting, is to keep my "Walk to Rivendell" up to date, since I’m almost there! I know, it’s taking an embarrassingly … Continue reading

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unspoken truth is spoken everywhere

The Mom is so sleepy. One wonders how many waking hours she’d really have, if there was no such thing as coffee. Well, they’re Off today. They feel bad about leaving me alone, but… They don’t know what I get … Continue reading

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fresh and alert!

Quick post… ‘cos The Mom has to get going, so she can get some more coffee!! Can you believe she actually added sweetener and cream to the last 1/4 cup from the pot? Sam gets up early now, worrying that … Continue reading

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better than a rest

In today’s archive reading (July 24, 2007), we read over an old cat story. Funny that no matter how long ago it was written, we still feel the need to edit and change punctuation, and a word or two here … Continue reading

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live wise to be wise

We keep forgetting to tell you that the very day The Mom was picking raspberries, she had "raspberries" in her Bible reading! "Apple trees don’t bear strawberries, do they? Raspberry bushes don’t bear apples, do they? You’re not going to … Continue reading

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Science and Faith

Oh my. Sharon’s sermon on Sunday was excellent—“Science and Faith, Can these Two ever get along?”  Even Sam’s friend Dave had to say that it was excellent! (This was his second visit to our church.)

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“And minstrel memories of times gone by.”

It’s been a week of early-morning, non-regular activities for The Mom: Tuesday: Dental checkup Wednesday: take Sam for his missing MMR vaccine, and another dentist appointment for The Mom–to begin crown-work (on that last root canal) Thursday: raspberry picking Friday: … Continue reading

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this and that

Late AGAIN today! This time it’s because of Raspberry Picking… more reasons for me to "prefer cat treats", but They sure love ’em! The Mom thought she was doing so well in organizing the garbage–"Emergency Measures" because of the garbage-worker … Continue reading

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romance and imagination

Another day of getting a little behind, because of dental stuff. So, a quick post. A quote from Peterson’s introduction to Numbers: "Many of us fondle a romanticized spirituality in our imaginations… counting and quarreling take up considerable space in … Continue reading

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