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Well, well–a Real Summer Day in store today! And tomorrow the rain is supposed to clear up in time for the bbq. The Mom is planning to try another new recipe: "Polynesian Satay". How does that sound? Thin strips of steak marinated in a soy sauce/brown sugar combo, and threaded onto a stick for cooking. Amazing what trouble people will go to, when they’re bored of "same old", eh? Meanwhile–YAY for Berry Season!! Strawberries this week, raspberries next week… but just gimme my Cat Treats! Sam prefers blueberries, Cathie loves raspberries, and Rej just loves them ALL!

Speaking of summer harvests, The Mom has been busy looking up things to do with her lavender. She knew most of them, of course, but going through all the google search returns helped her organize the ideas. Thing is, you’re better to pick it just before the buds open, but it looks so lovely and purply when they do open.

Along those sort of lines, I’ve found a poem for you today.

Herb Garden  
by Timothy Steele
"And these, small, unobserved . . . " —Janet Lewis

The lizard, an exemplar of the small,
Spreads fine, adhesive digits to perform
Vertical push-ups on a sunny wall;
Bees grapple spikes of lavender, or swarm
The dill’s gold umbels and low clumps of thyme.
Bored with its trellis, a resourceful rose
Has found a nearby cedar tree to climb
And to festoon with floral furbelows.

Though the great, heat-stunned sunflower looks half-dead
The way it, shepherd’s crook-like, hangs its head,
The herbs maintain their modest self-command:
Their fragrances and colors warmly mix
While, quarrying between the pathway’s bricks,
Ants build minute volcanoes out of sand.

Isn’t that a neat poem? We paid more attention the second time reading it, and like it even better than at first… should put it up somewhere to read a few times! We looked up "furbelows", it means "showy ornaments or trimmings", originally the frills on a dress.

Walk to Rivendell:  We find a valley, but it ends in a high ridge.

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