teach me to rest

This morning (running late again, because of a dental checkup), we’re going to post this prayer right from our church bulletin of a couple of weeks ago. It makes us feel relaxed and peaceful just reading it, so copying it will accomplish that again! There’s no reference, but we think it’s a prayer that Jane wrote a few weeks ago, and she was probably complimented and asked for permission to print a copy for the bulletin. (Too bad we missed Craig’s sermon that week–“Aren’t All Religions the Same”–and it’s likely not even available on our website, because of the sensitive nature of his work… rats!)

    “Lord of the Sabbath, teach me how to truly rest from my labours. Help me to cease striving. There seem to be too many things to do and I am overwhelmed. There are too many choices, but one thing is needful–let me rest at your feet and worship you in my stillness.
In you Father, there is peace and there is quietness for my soul. I long to be still enough to hear the quiet Spirit as you whisper to me of gentleness.
Restore my soul, made weary from the week. Refresh my spirit with the kindness of your Word. Help me to be a refuge for others from their struggles.
I surrender to you all my worries and work. I sacrifice to you my need for control and ask you to take over this day and lead me beside still waters.
I praise you and I love you, God of Rest, for in you alone I am justified and not by the works of my own hand. Bring your peace to the world, and come soon to restore your kingdom forever. Amen.”

Walk to Rivendell:  On the 24th day of travel, we have again gone only 6 miles, for a total of 386.

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