romance and imagination

Another day of getting a little behind, because of dental stuff. So, a quick post. A quote from Peterson’s introduction to Numbers:

"Many of us fondle a romanticized spirituality in our imaginations… counting and quarreling take up considerable space in the book of Numbers. Because they also continue to be unavoidable aspects of our becoming the people of God, this book is essential in training our imaginations to take in some of these less-than-romantic details by which we are formed into the people of God."

The Mom is hoping to get another book scanned in today! Meanwhile, she’s really enjoying the Falco series, by Lindsey Davis–you know it’s true when it keeps her awake until after midnight, reading to see what happens next! These books are murder/mysteries set in post-Nero Roman times, but with a very "hip"/modern-type language. Well written and fun to read.

But right now, better scoot her off to go on their walk, while Sam has time!

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