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Late AGAIN today! This time it’s because of Raspberry Picking… more reasons for me to "prefer cat treats", but They sure love ’em!

The Mom thought she was doing so well in organizing the garbage–"Emergency Measures" because of the garbage-worker strike. She decided to put only Stinky garbage in the pail, and has three different categories of compost. It means that the Stinky Stuff isn’t building up very fast, BUT. Quantity isn’t the key here, "quality" is… Wine may improve with age, but… (need we say more?)  Talk about breeding flies. So it looks like they may soon have to join the long lines at the emergency drop-off spots that the city has established.

Do you know, we’ve been trying to remember to read our archives regularly, and two years ago this very day, we talked about going to the "new Harry Potter movie this weekend"!!  Rej, Cathie & Sam ARE going there tomorrow night! (The one that’s "new" THIS year, obviously.)

Oh, and The Mom thinks that it’s kinda neat that the Apollo 11 reel-to-reel tapes are being played "live", and apparently there were 1.2 million people listening via Tweet (which would mean mostly youngish people). Rej & Cathie both got going on what they were doing, that many years ago, while watching/listening to the first Moon Touchdown. Apparently, there’s some kind of story how all these tapes were missing–some worker just kept holding on to them–for the longest time. So now it’s finally being digitalized. Sam, who’s interest in space has "been there" since he was quite little, tweeted something about having all the John Glenn recordings, and one of the NASA people actually asked him about it.

My oh my–it sure is great to have a SUMMER day again, at last!

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin our 12th day from Weathertop, October 18th.

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