“And minstrel memories of times gone by.”

It’s been a week of early-morning, non-regular activities for The Mom:

  • Tuesday: Dental checkup
  • Wednesday: take Sam for his missing MMR vaccine, and another dentist appointment for The Mom–to begin crown-work (on that last root canal)
  • Thursday: raspberry picking
  • Friday: Discovery Walk for both she & Sam, plus the Selling of The Canoe

Friday’s walk was pleasant for a different reason than the usual enjoyment of the city’s nature. You see, a few days before, someone kinda thought out loud: "we should sell that canoe", and suddenly, IT WAS GONE! Craigslist works that well, but they also had a quality Kevlar Canoe that they should have researched and advertised for a little MORE than they bought it for, even 29 years ago! But The Mom was very sad & sentimental about that canoe, with memories flooding in about all the wonderful trips she & Rej have made with it. What better way to enjoy nature, than gently floating and paddling through the wilderness–going where most boats are not able to go? Sam made a few trips in it with them, but he barely remembers them, that’s how long it’s been since they’ve used it.

So, The Mom was trying to hide how she felt… it was like they were finally admitting that they were OLD, and would never be fit enough again to do such things! (Of course, that’s not why at all–it has more to do with choosing trailer camping instead.) She’s always amazed at how well her men seem to know how she’s feeling, no matter how much she tries to hide it! So, they were working at comforting her yesterday. And while they were on their walk, Sam says "we should do a backpacking trip next year". This is something The Mom used to often think about. They would have to research & plan it well, part of those plans having to do with getting in good shape for it! As Sam says, it would be a motivating goal for regular exercise. He has the typical "dreams of youth" ("we should go for a whole week", etc.), but The Mom knows better than to put any kind of damper on them–what if it can actually be done! We know exactly what Pappy’s comment will be: "Look what I did–finished the walking section of a TRIATHALON, for heaven’s sake!" (He did it AGAIN this year–and even improved his time over last year!!)

Anyway, the canoe was sold to a nice young family, so it’s good to know that someone is getting some enjoyment out of it. And someday, we’ll get all those canoe-pictures-they-must-have scanned in, but for today, a sample of what The Mom has been doing in her spare time these days:

It’s rather nice that Pappy scanned in all these wedding pictures. Cathie had fun picking out colours for her wedding, 30 years later! Of course, she went by things that were already decided–the rust flowers in her boquet, her maid-of-honour’s yellow dress, etc. And it was opportunity for more fun learning on Photoshop. (She can’t believe she actually made each of those pink flowers around the border, individually!)

OH, and speaking of Pappy–he reminded us of something that we wanted to be sure to include, from the post about the Moon Landing:

"Cathy, remember we were in Florida, Fort Walton Beach and we went on a trip and stopped in a motel for the night to watch the moon landing. On that trip one of our stops was at the launch center where we took the tour. Dad" (Yes, she did remember it, but didn’t want to get the details mixed up–thanks Pappy!)

Walk to Rivendell:  The slope beyond the ridge is much easier.

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