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In today’s archive reading (July 24, 2007), we read over an old cat story. Funny that no matter how long ago it was written, we still feel the need to edit and change punctuation, and a word or two here and there! There was also a memory in the comments–Pappy talking about how The Sister was doing after her heart attack. (If you didn’t get a chance to read the short-story, it’s still there, under "Archives". Assuming you want to.)

The Mom is having more calendar fun, silly girl. She spends at least 50% of her time on that calendar. Now, she’s discovered the "To Do List" function, in Google calendar, which is good for things that you don’t necessarily want to assign a date to. This means she won’t have as many Stikkies cluttering up her desktop. ("Stikkies" is a Mac computer thing, a software version of real stick notes.)

Well, new things really do help you to get some motivation into everyday life. The next new organizational thing The Mom is thinking of doing, is to revamp her menu again. Especially since she’s been finding some new recipes (thanks to the recipe books Nanny & Pappy gave us). She’s been thinking it might be nice to organize them according to season… People often eat that way anyway, right? Hot soup and biscuits in the winter, more salads in the summer, etc.  It might even jive with that new idea of buying what is locally available, to help the environment (saving on transportation-pollution & resources, etc) They could never follow that strictly though, or they would never ever be able to eat oranges! So, we’ll see.

Everyone’s busy getting ready to go away on another vacation, this time for two weeks, and including Kingdom Bound at Darien Lakes. Well, I hope they keep busy enough that it doesn’t bother them–leaving me sitting here at home all. by. my. self. That’s OK, don’t cry–maybe I’ll see what I can get up to…

Walk to Rivendell:  We reach a trail.

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