their silence fills the earth

Each day, I quickly finish up any "required tasks" so I can get back to sorting pictures! I’ve finished over 500 old photos (but there’s a whole bunch more in the Pappy-folder), with some loose recent ones mixed in; now working on all the "Discovery Walk" photos. Sam says he’s got all the articles written, he’s just waiting for his online newspaper to launch–"soon"!

Today will be the last day to spend the whole day on my photo-obsession. Tomorrow we’ll be getting the cabin settled (paid for, etc), and going into town for last-minute groceries, etc.; then Saturday is laundry day, and Sunday our relatives arrive (who are staying at the cabin)–and the rest of next week will be spent going to Kingdombound with, and visiting with them!

We’ve had a couple of short walks, but Sam & I were doing our sit-ups faithfully… and ended up with very sorry sore middles! (I really did put "sorry" by mistake–but it sure fits for the REASON we need to exercise! :D)

I’ve decided to leave any note-taking to Dustie, for when we get back home. ;)  (Although, there may be some exciting notes from Kingdombound.)

Walk to Rivendell:  Trolls! Ah, but they’ve turned to stone.

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