last day!! :(

Ohmygoodness, I haven’t missed this many days in a loooong time! The internet isn’t that stable here, that’s one excuse.

Not looking forward to the vacation being DONE tomorrow! Ah well.

Kingdom Bound was wonderful, as usual. I think a main reason is because Sam has such a great time, and it’s just so neat to see thousands of young people worshiping God! AND, to worship with such a huge crowd–it feels just like that scene in Revelations!

LJ is great for making notes for next time, by using tags. NEXT TIME:  must remember that you can only get T-shirts with the band’s name, on the night of the concert, and only by the stage where they’re performing!!

Also, we discovered that bringing a lunch would be a good thing, since there are only greasy, very expensive, food-outlets there. Subway is the best/healthiest deal for supper, if you want it every night. A big breakfast, or heavy one, is a good idea. AND: bring/wear bathing suits!! And for the PAC (which doesn’t open until 4:30-5:30), those "front seats" where there is extra leg room:  the seats are smaller, so the next row behind, or any row near the aisle, is better.

Speaking of next year, GUESS WHAT!? (*SQUEEEEE!!!*) JARS OF CLAY are going to be there!!!!!  Rej & Sam have promised that even if we don’t go for the whole three days, we could at least go on the day they’re there!

Walk to Rivendell:  We rest, and Sam recites "Old Troll".

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