giggling and wiggling

We posted a rather long one yesterday, just when we thought it was going to be short! Well, let’s try that again today, see if we do better.

The Mom has gone and “let out” her idea, and now the guys are all excited. They’ve been discussing the plans for the long weekend, interspersed with Getting Better from Colds, and Practicing Travel to School. The Mom suggested they also make pickles together. Oy! Happiness Everywhere! You see, Sam suggested that sort of thing before, a long time ago–remembering the time awhile before that they’d all made relish together. And he doesn’t even eat relish! But he does like the odd pickle–and will like them even more, homemade! So, that’s the Family Thing to do around here, in the Fall.

Couple of short poems for you, hopefully we haven’t already posted these:

Is a caterpillar ticklish?
Well, it’s always my belief
That he giggles, as he wiggles
Across a hairy leaf.

If millipedes wore shoes
Just think of all the fuss,
To do up all the laces
In time to catch the bus.

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin Oct. 19th, the 13th day of travel from Weathertop.

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