does the summer’s rest store up, to be used-up now?

Well, score one for The Mom:  for once she just dropped the mess from Club Kickoff (scattered on the couch) soon after getting home, and went to bed; instead of sitting down and going through the registrations, and figuring out the next step, etc. In fact, she actually turned off her iPod (which she keeps near the bed) in the middle of a Lexulous game–meaning she didn’t even play her turn!!  It was still there when she awoke at 2:30 am, and accepted her word as if she’d never left the game. She generally is kind of excited after the Kickoff and has trouble sleeping, but this time at least she got in some hours before waking up way too early! She was only awake for a couple of hours, but still feels quite tired this morning. Good thing I’m here to climb between she & her keyboard, and force her to rest!

Maybe one reason she was able to go right to bed (besides being exhausted), was that the kids’ club is smaller these days, and she could remember each age group’s kids in her head. Not that we’re not pleased:  5 brand new kids, and enough in each group to match the adults who have volunteered for this mid-week ministry. The part that especially has The Mom excited, is the fact that she gets to be the main Trailblazer leader (grade 5/6), and that group is cozy-small–two girls! She could stand a couple more, but once the number gets to 5, she would definitely need help!

So, now it’s time to do an attendance list, figure out which rooms in the church they’ll use & book them, sort out the registration money, make sure the volunteers have been properly interviewed, make up the memory verse contest chart, etc. etc. And–phone potential Marriage Course couples this weekend, visit a couple of shut-ins, help with sunday-school on Sunday, sort out an Alpha cooking date, etc, etc. (again!)

This is maybe a good time to just remember how relaxed and lazy one was over the summer…

Walk to Rivendell:  Oct. 27, we leave early morning (about 7 a.m.).

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