answer, answer, answer, answer

The Mom’s Facebook status said she had 4 answers to prayer in one day, and someone immediately commented “pray for me!” However, at least one of those prayers was joined by children–and you know how God pays special attention to the prayers of children!

“Children” is not what they would want to be called though: grade 5/6 girls believe they are quite grown up! Cathie says “Oh my, but one of them sure does seem like such a little lady! You could forget you’re not talking to an adult!” This is the one who was praying for nice weather for the hike last night. They were calling for rain, then sun… and it did rain during the day–absolutely poured. No worries, the trail is mostly paved; in fact, the sun came out and dried up all the rain! It was a marvelous hike (in spite of the fact that one of the girls was sick, so it was just the two of them–Cathie & Cassy,) It’s just so amazing that there is this piece of wilderness right in the middle of the city–Great Blue Herons (yes, they saw him last night), ducks, crickets, God’s wonderfully-coordinated, many-coloured “flower garden”, bridges and waterfalls… wow! And they made it back to the truck right as the sun was disappearing!

So that’s just one of the answers to prayer. The other one is Sam’s voice. Since he had to miss another day of classes, they took themselves off to the doctor just so they could say they’d tried everything. Turns out they hadn’t tried what the doctor suggested–allergy medicine. Actually, it doesn’t mean he has allergies (I don’t think), but it sure works. He was completely normal by the end of the day, and when it was time for another dose, right on cue–he started to lose his voice again!

The other two answers have to do with Club; and actually, we weren’t praying for more kids unless we could get more leaders. The leader situation was adequate, until some of the helpers started to be absent already (THREE missing last night!) The leaders who are left alone with kids seem quite willing to “deal with it”, but of course it’s much better (AND proper, for Child Protection) to have help. At the end of the evening at Club last night (the first “regular” Club night), there were two more kids wanting to come, and two more adults who volunteered their help! One of the kids is a Trailblazer, so that will definitely be helpful (to have 3 girls) for when one girl is sick. But whatever the case, the girls (ALL the girls, including Cathie!) are excited about doing a cookout next week–in a habachi in the parking lot–and working on their Camping, Hiking, and Outdoor Cooking awards!

Walk to Rivendell: The road is running downhill. Much grass on sides.


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