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Well! It’s amazing how many things can suddenly turn out for the better:

  • Our Student had a chance to get extra work done yesterday, so that he can have a break today;
  • The Mom doesn’t have to drive him in, so that she will have time to get extra stuff done;
  • Nancy already had the meat cut up for Alpha, so that’s even more extra time today.

Now lets see what gets done!

Notes on Romans, for a start. We were pleased with the Romans-teacher’s encouragement to NOT use the passage here to "attack" homosexual people–but rather as informing the Christian. Because otherwise the message of grace & forgiveness is "nil". If someone is not a Christian, he/she has no reason to follow a Christian way of life. And when a homosexual does come to Christ, you can trust the Gospel to enlighten them… maybe even more gradually than we would expect!

OH, and it was also neat how Dave qualified his point about how being made in God’s image means both male & female: while marriage has always been viewed as a sacrament (a picture of God’s love, etc.), singleness is also a sacrament–a picture of the future, when there will be no "marrying and giving in marriage".

ROMANS 1:18-32–points forward to the remaining chapters.

  • The wrath of God being revealed is a good thing… it demonstrates His righteousness, and ultimately His grace.
  • Paul starts to talk about the pagans, at which point the Israelites would be nodding their heads in agreement; but he moves into talking about the Israelites’ faults–they "stand in the dock" along with the pagans, to be judged.
  • Romans is not just about the salvation message, but includes covenant theology, and how God’s righteousness is worked out in all of creation.
  • Sin is actually a degrading of the human being, with the end result being death, which we are constantly moving towards.
  • Paul speaks of the evidence of God in creation, an example of how knowledge does not lead to salvation.
  • Idolatry is worshiping a copy of a copy (an image of part of creation rather than the Creator).

"God gives them up"–three times:

  1. spiritually: in what they worshiped;
  2. bodies: they give up their own humanness, since God created them "in His own image, male & female He created them…"–BOTH are part of God’s image, and they insisted on homosexual relationships;
  3. unfit minds: they exchange Truth for a lie.
  • It’s one thing if they are caught in habitual sin, but even worse that they cheer when others fall into the same trap. (Many times people are sad about this sort of thing and warn others not to make the same mistake, but these "degraded ones" didn’t.) So they’ve actually switched evil and good, and their fall is now complete.
  • The list of various "sins" is not actually a "list of bad things that people do", but a list of symptoms that come as a result of sin.

Walk to Rivendell
:  (No, we didn’t die, with that last "Attack at the Ford!") Glorfindel’s horse carries Frodo across the Ford.

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