The Mom really did not want to point this out, being embarrassed about how long it took…

I’m referring to the bottom of our posts, where it very often says "Walk to Rivendell…" You may remember that she was putting a comment there every time she’d been out for a walk, or on the treadmill, also counting up the miles in parallel to Frodo’s trek to Rivendell. She started this walk in February of 2008. Yes, it took almost 2 years! You can see why she didn’t want to draw attention to it. But…

Frodo started the Journey on "Sept. 23"… so of course, the dates from the book did not match the dates The Mom was walking–besides which she took several days to one of Frodo’s days. BUT… the day that Frodo arrived at Rivendell:  OCTOBER 20TH!!! The EXACT day that The Mom finished HER "Walk to Rivendell"!!!   oooEEEooo!!


We’ve had another one of those tough-to-decide mornings, Sam waking up at 4 am with a bad cough again. He decided to try stopping his cough medicine to see what happens, since he was feeling so much better.  Now it’s back in full force. We’d thought he would keep on the medicine til he at least got in a day of school, but the point is–what would he do in the middle of the day when his cough medicine wore off, and he’d be staying downtown, and giving it to Sweet Girl, etc. So yes, it’s probably a good idea to get going to the doctor, sooner rather than later–a week of phlegm-coughing is quite enough!

Walk to Rivendell: WE’VE ARRIVED!!! We’ve walked 458 miles altogether, taking 27 "days", arriving in Rivendell on October 20th.

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