“Hear O Israel…”

Funny… we like to read our archives of what we were writing a couple of years ago on this date, in order to compare the weather, what we were doing, etc. Sometimes it seems like we shouldn’t bother–it’s exactly the same! Two years ago today, The Mom enjoyed a lovely day of raking, and had finished all the outdoor pre-winter work–SAME today! (Well, yesterday.) She hasn’t done the raking yet, since the bushes aren’t out front to trap the leaves as much, plus the window-washing was done then–but that IS on her list for this week. Ah well, the Routine of Life does have an element of security to it.

TODAY, there are actually some Christmas-Baking-Plans in the works!

Now, on to Romans-notes.

Dave really packs it in, in these sessions, as does Paul in Romans. It seems difficult to us to really make proper notes on everything that is said, so we just note things that seem sort of new, or especially stand out to us. Dave did offer to give his notes to anyone, which we’ve considered asking for, but… The Mom has just decided to get rid of all the paper that was backing up. Today’s world just gives you SO much to choose from in things-to-do, it’s impossible to do them all! It doesn’t mean that pen-and-paper notes were made for nothing, since writing it down helps you remember it just by the writing (not necessarily needing the reading of what you wrote, later).

(We missed Week 4–Thanksgiving.)
–Because God is ONE God (Israel’s "shemah"), Who created the universe, there cannot be any partiallity–Jew and Gentile must be one. The Chosen People were chosen to be a "light for the nations", meaning ALL the nations–everyone. But Paul shows how both Jew and Gentile are children of Abraham: before Abraham was circumcised, he was a Gentile… a Gentile who believed God. Of course, it was his faith (inspired by God), that was credited to him as "righteousness"; THEN he was circumcised, only as an outward sign of the covenant relationship he had with God.

–We like how David pointed out that we should be careful about using these arguments with Jewish people–Paul was a Jew speaking to his own people… you know, "I’m allowed to tell my him off because he’s my brother–you are not allowed".

–Verse 13 of Romans 4 talks about the promise to Abraham to inherit "the world":  they would be a blessing to the Nations through Jesus dying for ALL, and the entire creation would be redeemed (future)… both Abraham’s physical seed and spiritual seed (those who believe) together then, inherit the world.

Also, you miss what is being said, while you’re writing what was said–especially in this class!

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