She’s really not very sick, but definitely has a slight fever. And thinking about the lovely Older Folks that she would come in contact with… yes, the way things are These Days, better to stay home! So, The Mom finally got around to listening to a sermon she missed back on August 16th!

It was a lovely one, by Carol, about forgiveness. As she said, you have to experience hurt before you really can forgive–little things you forgive & forget right away; but when you keep remembering something, it will hurt. If you’re in denial, saying it really doesn’t matter, neither can you forgive. So then, it begins by “just doing it”, NOT based on a feeling, and not waiting for the other person to apologize (or you only hurt yourself). Then after you initially say “I forgive you”, it can take a loooong time. When you get to the point where you can truly “wish him/her well”, you know you’ve completed the forgiving process. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is restored (perhaps the other person is still being a monster and it’s not safe for you), or that the relationship will be the same. But God will often give you an insight about the person you’re forgiving, and you’ll be able to love them–Carol gave the example of having to forgive her father (who was an alcoholic), and once she’d started the process, she had a “vision” of him as a little boy, lying in bed, crying his heart out.

An interesting truth that she pointed out, is that people who have been “especially bad sinners” (forgiven of a lot of things), are usually the ones who are able to be the most loving.

Now. How did the bread-baked-in-coffee-tins turn out? Amazing! The loaves are much easier to slice into nice, even pieces… why did people ever stop using coffee tins?

The Mom is also happy about getting her Christmas novellas scanned in, so that she can read them more easily on her iTouch. Today’s job will be cleaning up the formatting for those, aaand… reading all those SparkPeople newsletters! (All those hints for dieting, exercising, etc.)

Thank You Lord, for wisdom to stay home, bright-enough sunshine, and an easy to-do list!

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