the war inside

The Mom is undecided about doing notes this morning, because of Things To Do, but… maybe we can squish them in! You see, not only is it her turn to help with the Alpha cooking this week, but she’s still trying to make major changes in her menu. She’s now in Stage 2 of SparkPeople, which means trying a little harder to control portion sizes–not easy! And there is so much to read, and so many good ideas, she’s trying to limit the SP time to an hour each day.

Let’s start with Romans. Some of the "students" are muttering about wanting to discuss things, but we prefer to just listen–David has studied a lot and has so much to tell us, that  we just enjoy hearing as much of it as possible! Even though we can only make "bare-bones" notes on what he says…

We’re up to Romans 6 & 7. (We missed a week, but there’s just too much to try and keep up with it anyway.) Here is a lot of comparison: sin vs righteousness, Adam-nature vs Christ-nature, Old you, New you, etc. There is a lengthy discussion about the Law, whether it’s good or bad, it’s purpose, etc. Dave pointed out an interesting idea:  that when Paul says "I" here, he is identifying himself with Israel. Israel is the example of how impossible it is for mankind, because of falleness to perfectly keep the Law. It doesn’t mean that Israel is worse than anyone else; Paul’s talk of the "war within" shows how Israel really desired to keep the Law (as do most of us), but couldn’t. This chapter is neat the way it ends–Paul being so wretched and asking who is going to help him, with the answer of course: God does!

Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift!

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