Grace wins!

Well! *Clap her on the back*–The Mom actually resisted "saying it all"… let me explain. You see, she will often put something for her Facebook status, and then elaborate by commenting on her own status. Today all she put was "Cathie is hoping to put up her trees today." Let’s see how many will comment and be shocked about how soon that seems. THEN she can say "haha–fooled you! It’s only the outside lights (in the shape of trees) that I’m putting up!"

Yesterday would have been a beautiful day to do it because of the warmer temperature, but getting the Trailblazer craft ready took a LOT longer than it was supposed to!

OK, time for Romans notes. We just knew that the other "students" were going to "gang up" on poor Dave about going too fast for them, but he was very gracious about it and quite willing to slow down. He took a whole class just to review and answer questions (which he is VERY good at), reminding everyone to stop him at any time, when they have questions. The only problem (and we knew this would bother him), is that we won’t be able to get through Romans–we’ll have to stop at the point where the main points of the book are covered (chapter 11–the rest is a sort of review).

You may remember that Romans deals with some complicated-sounding stuff, like the Law causing sin to "increase", making it seem like the Law is Bad, etc. Even though we felt like we were following along fine, we appreciated the further explanations in this review class. So about this idea of law making sin worse:  you know when you do something that you shouldn’t do–it’s one thing if someone says to you "You shouldn’t do that"; but if they can point the finger and say "You are breaking the law!" it’s certainly worse, isn’t it?

Other points we "nabbed":

  • "Where sin abounds, grace abounds more"–NOT just equalizing the balance to ‘0’, but Grace abounds much MORE.
  • When Paul says (in another place) "I try to be all things to all people"–he knows that not all those people will accept the Gospel: "I try to be all things to all people, that I might save some".
  • There is power in the Gospel: "Faith comes by hearing"–faith is a result of hearing the Gospel (and how shall they hear, if we don’t tell them?)

Thank You Lord, for sunshine and frost!

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