YAY for the KING!!!

The Mom is thankful about her Very Sore Arm. Because it meant she didn’t have to get on the treadmill this morning! Oooh yes, it WAS that sore. Of course, the main thing to be thankful for, is being H1N1-immune. Even though it’s now made her rather tired-feeling (from the shot, or rolling around with the sore arm all night?) The clinic they went to had small line-ups, but they put this Family through right away! After all, blind people can’t even walk very well, right? (Not that we’re complaining!)

Now for sermon notes. As brief as we make them, it must be said that we just love listening to Carol! She somehow has the right mix of reality + joy, peace, anticipation… since this Sunday was not only Christ the King Sunday (the last Sunday of the Christian calendar), but also the last of our study in 1 Thessalonians, and also the Sunday of our Ministry Fair (a soon-to-be Annual Event).

So in these last verses (1 Thess. 5:23-28), there are 3 main things that Paul asks: to "pray for us" (v. 23), to stay in "touch"/close fellowship (v. 26–"greet each other with holy kiss"), ending with a strong urge to share the letter/the Gospel (v. 27). These are three things we look at when we review the past year and anticipate the new (beginning with Advent, in the Christian calendar): we make a new commitment to prayer, fellowship, and sharing the Gospel. And of course, as Thessalonians does, we look forward to our Lord’s Return. Our Ministry Fair also involves prayer (as you consider if/which ministries to become involved with), fellowship (there was a hot dog lunch in the middle of the "Fair"), and evangelism–which may seem to include only some of the ministries, but once someone comes to Christ you must also make sure they have opportunity to grow… as well as enabling those who are especially called to evangelism to exercise that gift, by helping to meet their own needs for growth, healing, prayer, etc.

Next up: First Sunday of Advent!!!

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