Wow, what an evening: 1) Just when it was time to go to Club, the truck wouldn’t start! (No idea what’s causing this lately! 2) One of the girls’ cookie-decorations burned BLACK–the kitchen was full of smoke! (That oven HAD to be hotter than 200!!) 3) A few things were LOST last night–attendance, rolling pins, etc. 4) Multiple heavy bags had to be carried, all-at-once, through the pouring rain. 5) Sleep evaded until after midnight (though I tried purring The Mom to sleep, it wasn’t working.)

Praise corollary: 1) Rej was able to hook up his battery charger, and The Mom wasn’t TOO late for Club. 2) They gave the poor Trailblazer girl all the extra cinnamon dough (quite a bit!) to take home and make more, plus her Mom (the Assistant Trailblazer Helper) had also made some. 3) Same-mentioned Helper probably put the rolling pins away in the church kitchen’s drawers. 4) At least it was warm out, and not raining too hard during the battery-charging. 5) The Mom had a good excuse not to get on the treadmill this morning! (Besides which, she’s planning on doing some Heavy Housework today, before going out for The Dad’s birthday!)

Also thankfully: our sermon notes are very short today! Rob was good, it’s just that particular day (last Sunday) was not the best note-taking day for Cathie. He talked about Advent being an inoculation against consumerism, and a time for training in Patience. We are a Waiting People–of course, one of the things (the main one?) that we wait for is the Lord’s Return, which Advent mirrors. He’s coming whether or not we’re ready, but we ARE invited to prepare.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. For Christmas, for better things, for the person in front of you to be finished with their purchases, for Jonathan to be out of pain and able to get up…

The prophets waited 400 years, before they saw what they’d been predicting…
(Yes, that’s the Hint for today!)

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