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Today is an exciting day! The first day of a new schedule! You see, The Mom was constantly saying "I don’t have much to do today, maybe I’ll have time to work on pictures", and ALWAYS finding that she didn’t have time after all. But she’s tweaked her schedule, so that a day is set aside for it–Mondays is not only Wash Day, put Picture-work Day. Trouble is, Monday will probably also be the Fall Guy, the Catch-All Day… the day for doing things that "come up". Today for example, she’ll likely end up having a nap, since it was one of those sleepless nights last night. Kudos to her though, for getting on the treadmill this morning anyway!!

Now, time to get caught up on some sermon notes. This isn’t as big a thing as you might think, since they missed one Sunday’s sermon (the truck battery was dead), and the other two have very short-and-sweet notes.

(Hmmmm… this might be even briefer, since part of the note-paper got torn away…) In between Christmas and New Year’s, Rob talked about Three Gifts that Jesus gives us: True Love (He didn’t "grasp"/hold on to His place in heaven with God, but came down to earth; whereas Adam and Eve tried to grasp that status, believing the lie that they would "become as God")–Jesus came to earth and poured out His very life for us; True Worship (in Philippians chapter 2, Isaiah is quoted (45:23), but the name of God is replaced with the name of Jesus… but Isaiah stresses that there is only ONE God, one Lord–Jesus IS God, to be worshiped); and True Life, which follows as we respond with True Worship to His True Love!

Over the Christmas season, Pastor Sharon has been doing some "Reflections", acting out the part of various Biblical characters. Yesterday instead of doing the "Reflections of Wise Men", she shared something God had been laying on her heart, and then told a story (again acting out the characters) about the Wise Men–nicely done as usual, a lovely story about an older guy and a younger guy searching for wisdom. Her brief message before the story also had 3 points, elaborating on what kept coming to her throughout the week:  that those who seek Him WILL find Him, IF they seek Him with all their heart. Thinking of the wise men, we can see that the seeking should involve:

Humility–they asked where they could find Him
Perseverance–it took them quite awhile, probably 2 years
Worship–which involves surrender; they gave Him gifts and then were obedient in "returning home a different way."

Our favourite line from the story, is when the older wise man had an epiphany. He said: "All this time I’ve been seeking wisdom, and Wisdom has been seeking me!"

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