for friends who are suffering…

The Mom has had cause to remember something she always used to say: "I became a Christian just in time for the hardest period in my life!" Teen years, the pressures of high school, etc.  What could be harder? Of course, lots can. And for those who think they can make it All By Themselves… it’ll be harder than hard! And there are always times when there is just no one who really understands…

"Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Jesus, in Matthew 28:20) He knows absolutely everything about you, so He can’t help but understand. He who went through the hardest of all: crucifixion.

Yes, the memories come crowding back… That verse was a favourite, which triggers the memory of a chorus…

He’s always there,
When things go wrong;
He’s always there,
When my hope is gone;
He lifts me up,
When I’m in prayer!
He’s never gone, When I’m alone–
He’s always there!

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