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When you have a need to "recover your life", to rest, to get away, lay your burdens down, etc., there are various things to be done–and not all of them involve sleeping. Mind you, SLEEP is something that people so often fail to give its proper priority these days… it’s so easy to just drink lots of coffee and desensitize your ability to recognize that you’re missing something your whole being needs.

But besides sleep, there are other things you need when you’re burned out. Like laughter, hugs, and various other things that involve the senses. Also, you need to be able to just pour it out–to cry, to yell. Like that song says "pour out your heart". Did you know that the main theme in the Psalms, is one of lament? And as the psalmist pours out his complaints to God about how it seems He is deaf, has forgotten him, etc., he is often able to end on a note of hope–a statement of faith that God has heard and is even now answering. So don’t be afraid to tell God exactly how you feel:  He can handle it!

Meanwhile, David continued yesterday on the sermon series about our mission statement ("We exist to invite ordinary people to encounter Christ and thoughtfully follow him.") While Greg dealt with the "ordinary" part, Dave talked about the "encounter Christ" part. His main point had to do with the fact that we should be careful about not being smug, because WE possess Christ, etc. We need to recognize that wherever we go to share our faith, that He is already at work, and we just need to discern, in humility, how to be involved in what He is already doing. And of course, we need to encounter Christ ourselves, daily, so that His character may be seen in us. The main scripture was that one about the sheep and the goats, and how they were surprised and questioned "Lord, when did we see you naked and clothed you, in prison and visited you… etc.", and David pointed out that neither the goats NOR the sheep had recognized Christ in the world!

To close off, we just have to include these words to a beautiful song from yesterday… in case you have mountains!

Saviour, You can move the mountains,
Our God is mighty to save,
He is mighty to save!
Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave–
Jesus conquered the grave!

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