Jesus loves me, this I know–for the Bible tells me so…

OK, so we’re kinda delinquent on Sundays as well… today we’ll just try to make some brief sermon notes.

Speaking of sabbath though, and rest, this Family sure has been enjoying some wonderful fireplace-evenings, these last couple of weekends. Rej and Sam trying out the described TV, and Cathie working on her Mystery Puzzle, all to the loudly crackling sound of the fire–and even cold enough outside to really appreciate the warmth! Me, I hide upstairs here… those loud cracks from the fire are too unpredictable for me.

This morning two people were baptized at church, so Rob included a message for each of them, in his sermon about the “thoughtfully follow Him” phrase of our mission statement. (“We exist to invite ordinary people to encounter Christ and thoughtfully Him in the world.”) Part of “thoughtfully” following Christ is remembering who we are. When we are baptized, it’s a public affirmation of faith; but it’s also like being ordained:  we are ordained into the priesthood of all believers (as Peter talks about in his epistle). Jesus was baptized just before He began His public ministry; when we are baptized, we are united with Him… and God’s words to Jesus are true for us: “This is my beloved… in whom I am well pleased.”

The first principle of Hell is:  “I am my own.” We of course, have been “bought with a price”–what a great love!–and when we follow/obey Him, He is “well pleased”.

OH–almost forgot one of the neat things Rob shared, about God’s love. Apparently a really wise scholar was asked once, what his wisest thought was. He paused for several minutes, thinking carefully, then said: “Jesus loves me, this I know; For the Bible tells me so.” Yes indeed, one of the first things we learn as a child… in fact, The Mom used to always sing this lullaby to her baby: “Jesus loves you, this I know…”

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