guess who LOSES!!

That Silly Mom. She suggested that they do their walk at lunch time instead of 6:30 this morning, because "it’s too cold" (but yes, they have been getting out at that time!) A few minutes later she heard the birds, helping up the sun, and wished she hadn’t said that. Rej started it by saying that they should walk early in the morning once he retires; then when Sam’s schedule changed, he also said they should do that–starting "now". Now everyone’s waiting to see who will be the first one to stop that business! ("Yeah, right! He’ll only do it for a couple of days…") Even though it’s still quite cold in the mornings, the idea is to enjoy the transition, as the days get warmer and warmer–except for too cold mornings, The Mom says, like this morning. We’ll see!

Meanwhile, it’s another busy week, what with cooking for Alpha, Elders’ meeting, 2 or 3 visitations to do, and maybe cleaning the wood floor! Let’s see if this "paws"-job can not be so neglected (as it has been lately) through all that!

Starting with sermon notes. The story we’ve been reading over and over again this week (through the Lenten devotional booklet) is the one about raising Lazarus from the dead. Dave’s sermon seemed to really dwell on the subject of death: how it is common to every human being, and though some people try to make something noble out of it, it’s really contrary to how we were originally created–contrary to God’s creation, really, since death destroys it.

We found it interesting to think of Jesus’ ministry being "interrupted" by the death of His dear friend. Isn’t that how we feel when that happens–interrupted? (In fact, this family had that sort of discussion this week: should they interrupt their schedules to travel north to attend the funeral of a cousin of Rej’s?) For people who just can’t believe in the resurrection, death is really Master, for life is actually focused on avoiding Death. Death dictates how they live.

But. Remember that when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, it was the catalyst that ended up in His own death. The uproar scared the Jewish leaders, since it might cause the Romans so much concern that they would squash what was left of the nation–finally and completely. So they had to deal with Jesus–"let Him die, instead of the whole nation".

As Jesus came to the tomb of Lazarus, He said "I am the Resurrection and the Life." His own death "broke" Death forever–ending up with His own resurrection. So now, Jesus is Master, not Death. "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live" (John 11:25). What greater power can there be, than what is shown/proved by the resurrection? A power that started with the ability to submit to a death so horrible as the cross. So now He is the one who dictates how I live.

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