in sickness and in health

Last night was our Foot Washing service, following Jesus’ example of washing the disciples’ feet, just before the Last Supper. After an explanation & sermon, those who wish to, line up for the foot washing: you wash someone else’s feet first, then you sit down and have your own feet washed by the next person. Everyone gathers around on the altar steps, watching and waiting, while the whole thing is done in silence. Then we stand in a circle around the altar table, and take communion together, sing a couple of songs about our union in Christ, then hugs all ’round and it’s all over.

Sounds a bit weird, but we did have three brand new couples there! Carol was the sermon-person, and she told a beautiful story about how she had to look after her husband’s feet in his last days… he’d gotten to the point where he wasn’t responding or talking to her much at all. Home care was coming in to look after him, but they were not allowed to give him foot care. It kind of turned Carol’s stomach, but she had to do it. But each time she did it, Ron would hum/groan in delight and enjoyment, and even began to reach out and touch her while she was doing it… You can imagine that she could hardly share this story without choking up!

In other news, apparently it all hinges on whether or not the hospital is too busy today! So we really don’t know when those babies are gonna show up!! :D

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