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Well, The Mom is still being distracted quite a bit by all the precious pictures on Facebook, of two precious girls, and still shedding a few tears about the wonderfulness of it all (sheesh–she’s been using that word a fair bit lately!) Now she’s starting to wish again, that she had a whole bunch of time to organize her thousands of pictures. Someday!

We missed making notes about last Sunday’s sermon, but it seemed quite fitting that Easter Sunday should be the day that Rob got to preach his "last" sermon as our Assistant Pastor. (So sad! But he’ll still be around, and hopefully we will hear him again!) He was excellent as usual–he’s been waxing very poetic lately. His sermon title was "The Fish Tell the Story", using the scripture about Jesus’ resurrection appearance on the beach, when Peter had said "I’m going fishing!" Soon after he started, he had a video put on the screen of our church’s fish sculpture. This was given to us when the church was first built, and it is a couple of fish made in a wooden outline, at the top of a tall pole, and they move with the wind. The message of course had to do with being "fishers of men". One of the (many) things Rob said that we really liked, was that "the Love of God does not find, but creates"–as in creating a pastor out of Peter.

Now, just a quick/short note from The Case for Christ. We were last talking about how archeology has proven that Luke was an accurate historian; Strobel’s latest interviewee goes on to mention several details that show that the same is true for the other gospels. In fact, "Archaeology has not produced anything that is unequivocally a contradiction to the Bible, … On the contrary, as we’ve seen, there have been many opinions of skeptical scholars that have become codified into ‘fact’ over the years but that archaeology has shown to be wrong."

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