Read back to that last entry–take the first paragraph and put it here… yes, still distracted with twin-pictures! Can’t believe we’ve missed posting for another two days!!

Of course, it’s not just the twins. Yesterday was a full day because of a special luncheon–in honour of our Assistant Pastor Rob, who is "quitting" his job to work on his doctorate. Although it wasn’t SO sad because he and his wife will still be coming to the church and will soon be having a baby (yay!), it was still sad for those (few… maybe one) of us who knew all along what he should have been (our new lead pastor–do you remember The Mom sighing and saying it, 2 years ago? People wanted someone flashy, but he would have been the perfect person (WAS the perfect person for those 2 years while we waited to find someone)–not only does he speak well, but he came up with a lot of creative ideas, and worked well with people… and as The Mom said in her speech at the luncheon, he was so good at encouraging many others in their gifts). And we’re sure that others are thinking about that now as well… however, good that people’s eyes were blinded to it, in one way: otherwise he would never have had the chance to work on his ThD, which would certainly be a waste, with that amazing intellect of his!!

Anyway, he has promised that he’ll still be involved–we do hope to hear him speaking again! Sheesh, even his speech in response to what everyone else had said (there were several short speeches during the luncheon), was very well said. He encouraged our new Lead Pastor to let this community bless her, as it "certainly will"; and he said that we would have that special place-in-his-heart of being the church that had ordained him, and that we had "made him into a pastor" (in a different way than ordination). *sigh*! The Mom didn’t want to stop hugging him afterwards!

Well, this is going to be a bit long now, because we want to say our stuff about The Case for Christ before we forget. A reminder is in order, about the fact that we’re only doing a summary here–because we’ve skipped over quite a bit of the archeology findings that Strobel goes over, and of course they’re very interesting, so you should read the book yourself. We’ll just mention the part about the Dead Sea Scrolls, that sheds light on something Jesus said.

Remember how John the Baptist sent messengers from prison to ask if Jesus is "the one who should come"? The Lord’s answer seems ambiguous: "Tell him the things you have seen.." and he mentions several miracles, which is an allusion to Isaiah 61; except that Jesus adds on "the dead are raised". At least, that’s what it had seemed, that He was adding it on. Of course, the Dead Sea Scrolls show that the phrase is there, in Isaiah 61. So this shows that Jesus is obviously claiming to be the Messiah.

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