everything coming up Double

The lawn is looking shaggy: time for a shave. And to think that all the leaves are bursting out while it’s not even May yet! Lily of the Valley buds are everywhere–yay!

It sure is hard to choose a favourite, from all our "twin pictures"! Crystal has a black couch, and a dark-patterned breast-feeding pillow, which combine to make such a wonderful background.

Faith is in blue, and Hope is in red here…

…I wonder if they get to switch dresses sometimes? Does mommy really remember which colour belongs to who, in all their various clothes? :D Hopefully she doesn’t bother herself with that for now, but I’m sure it’s to come in the future… maybe when they’re old enough to remember for themselves!

Apparently, everyone stops her when she goes anywhere with them (of course), and asks her all kinds of questions. She loves it!

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