who do you think you are?

The Mom is anxious to get all her work done early today (menu/grocery list stuff, and ordering Pizza for the Club Closing tomorrow), so that she can do some Picture Work that Pappy and her sister gave her! It’s to do with Crystal’s daughter being a flower girl in a wedding last weekend–oh MY, such Sweetness!!!

Well, believe it or not, we have now completed Part 1, in The Case for Christ! Now for Part 2, then Part 3. While Part 1 ("Examining the Record") was 6 chapters long, Part 2 ("Analyzing Jesus") is only 4 chapters. We are about half-way through the book, and we continue with more types of Evidence. (Remember that you can use the "case for christ" tag below, to get caught up on previous notes.)

Our next chapter is on "The Identity Evidence", the old question of whether Jesus would "roll over in his grave" if he knew that people were worshiping him. Lee Strobel begins by describing a "psychological profiler", who can figure out a person’s thinking process without ever having met him. This is a professional used by the FBI–he questions the victims about the behaviour of the individual, which reflects his/her personality. So, the expert on who Jesus thought he was, is Ben Witherington–again lots of education and book writing, etc.; "a scholar who writes heavily footnoted, cautiously nuanced, and academically precise prose on the technical issues involving Jesus" (among other things).

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