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So, Lee Strobel throws some curves to his latest interviewee: "Dr. Carson, how in the world could Jesus be omnipresentif he couldn’t be in two places at once?" I asked. "How could hebe omniscient  when he says, ‘Not even the … Continue reading

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The mood around here is a fairly good one these days. Losing a couple of pounds (in spite of holidays, etc.) is one reason, another is because of having a good book to read, like… Winnie the Pooh. You remember … Continue reading

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blow away the chaff…

We seem to be slowly diminishing how often we post. That wouldn’t seem like a bad thing, if you’d been re-reading the archives. What a lot of… words! Some good memories, and some fascinating lessons, yes, but also an awful … Continue reading

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If you ever get an expensive parking ticket…

–be sure to contest it! (Assuming you live in this area.) All you have to do is go down to the courts and sign something saying you want to contest the ticket, and about a year later they finally send … Continue reading

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YOU are the boss!

Our pastor’s husband spoke at church yesterday. We just knew he’d be good–he’s such a personable, delightful person! Someone might have said that Sharon was hiding one of her “best assets”, but she disproved that (that she was trying to … Continue reading

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tag, tag, tag

The great thing about online journals, is that you can tag entries for future reference. For example, there’s a really neat quote that The Mom wanted to put on Facebook, but decided it would be better here, with a tag. … Continue reading

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Raise the sail and turn on the music!

Ohmygoodness–didn’t realize it had been so long since we posted! It doesn’t seem that long ago! We’ve just been going over some things we’d saved to share with you. This Max article is so good (aren’t they all?) that we’ll … Continue reading

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Today is a singing day!

Well, The Mom got to be happy to have Rej helping her cook in the kitchen the other day (how she hates mashing hamburger while it’s cooking!), and today, The Dad is rather tickled that Sam asked him to go … Continue reading

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so, so short… but sweet?

While listening to the worship song this morning, there was a little conversation going on in our head: "Such an old song… do you really feel like worshiping? Don’t just automatically lift your hands, now." "But God deserves to be … Continue reading

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Sometimes life seems to throw an awful lot of changes at you all at once, do you find? And it feels weird… kinda like post-natal depression. ;) And I’m not just talking about bad things, and I’m not just thinking … Continue reading

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