Five Stones

See? See–I told you she always writes long when I let her in here! That last post about northern lights and the cottage–wow, so loooong!!

Me, I’m looking at a Max Lucado article to share with you, and it’s going to get very briefly summarized…

It’s about facing our own Goliath’s, using the "five stones" example that David used, plus your five fingers:

1. The Stone of the Past
"Remember his marvelous works which he has done." What God has done before he can do again!

2. The Stone of Prayer
"Note the valley between your thumb and finger. To pass from one to the next you must go through it. Let it remind you of David’s descent. Before going high, David went low; before ascending to fight, David descended to prepare. Don’t face your giant without first doing the same. Dedicate time to prayer." It only makes sense!

3. The Stone of Priority
"Let your tallest finger remind you of your highest priority: God’s reputation… David saw Goliath as a chance for God to show off!" And when others see God, they have the chance to experience his love & grace.

4. The Stone of Passion
"David ran, not away from, but toward his giant… Let your ring finger remind you to take up the stone of passion."

5. The Stone of Persistence
"David didn’t think one rock would do… Never give up."

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