Make Love, Make War

Is anyone else tired of all the journal themes that livejournal has to offer? Can we get up some kind of protest to ask for something new, do you think? We like nature themes, but not crazy about cartoon foxes, cats and dogs–and we prefer something with lots of colour, but not so much darkness that the type is hard to read…

OK, enough of that. Time for the sermon notes we almost forgot about. But they are going to be very brief, since we are so lazy busy today. Busy packing and getting ready for the wedding this Saturday–pray AGAINST the rain!!

Sharon’s message title was "Standing against the Darkness". She related how the common phrase "Make Love, not War" was coming through to someone as "Make Love, Make War", which seemed a little puzzling at first. But if we truly love people the way God does, we need to make "war" against evil… and it is God’s kind of love that is the weapon we need. As Sharon said, we CANNOT truly love in and of ourselves, but need to be empowered by God as it says in Eph. 6:10. You know, the power that raised Jesus from the dead? The very same.

This passage (Eph. 6:10-17) is the one about putting on the full armour of God, and four times it says to stand. We need to stand, fully surrendered to God (which is worship), ready to hear and obey what he tells us. For our struggle is NEVER against another person, but always against Satan, the "principalities of the air". (Sharon followed this with a caution not to blame absolutely everything on the devil, and not to go to extremes in giving him too much attention.)

Also near the end of her sermon, she pointed out the importance of standing together.

Which can sort of be a segue to this neat saying, though it doesn’t totally fit…

"If you hug to yourself any resentment against anybody else, you destroy the bridge by which God would come to you." (Peter Marshall)

Oh, and by the way–good for Sharon for talking about war, in today’s culture where people seem to cringe at any mention of it.

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