Can you enjoy a mystery that can’t be solved?

We were amazed to check back to the last "Case for Christ" entry and read a discussion about the Incarnation, again! You see, our amazing Children’s Pastor attempted to explain it to the kids just last Sunday; plus, we’ve just read in our 2008 archives in previous sermon notes mentioning that very mystery! (That was a sermon about the Apostle’s Creed, by Rob.)

And how in the world did Carol explain the Incarnation to children? Well, she started by talking about how different liquid is from solid (using the visual display of water and a toy helicopter), and pointing out that God is so different from us, yet he became one of us through Jesus, who is completely God at the same time as being completely human.

Of course, these discussions must always include a reminder something along the lines that we need to just accept that we will never understand it–and if we could, God wouldn’t be God.

Now since we got onto a bit of a rabbit trail, let’s see if we can keep our notes brief today. Lee Strobel is talking to Carson about the divinity of Jesus, and now brings up a few difficult passages; for example, the scripture seems to call Jesus "begotten" and "firstborn", which would indicate that Jesus is not infinite, like God is. One of Carson’s areas of expertise is Greek, and he explains that those passages would be better translated: that Jesus is the "unique, one and only" son rather than "begotten" (which is how the newer versions do translate it); and "supreme heir" rather than "firstborn".

Hmmmm…. the next section is titled "Was Jesus a Lesser God?" Interesting!

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