welcome to Fall

I’m finally enjoying the special spot The Mom set up for me near the window. That’s because you can’t get near to her, these days, with all the paper work piled around her! Between Club House, Child Protection Policy, Fall card ministry, proofing the bulletin… She gave it a week after the Club Kickoff, in case there were adjustments in the kids registering (which there were), but now she has to get with all the registration-work. For example, three different places want a list of the kids, but none in the same format!

And of course, there are also appointments coming up–doctor’s AND dentist… And she hasn’t even done her grocery list for today yet! Plus, there are a whole bunch of dates to add to the calendar, from two different emails…

So no, I don’t think there needs to be any guilty-feeling about taking some extra time off next week! (But… maybe she should feel guilty about trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her about all the work she has to do… :D)

It was certainly a wonderful last day of Summer yesterday, weather-wise. Yes, I know they said the previous day was the last day of Summer, but after all, yesterday Fall didn’t come in until 11:09 PM. :) But speaking of the previous day–there was such a HUGE thunderstorm around here! During the night it sounded like sheets of rain coming down, so that you wondered if anything was going to be left standing in the morning. Which, when The Mom saw how beautiful her Begonia still looked, she decided that she’s going to mass-plant Begonias in her garden next year. Hopefully they don’t require that one spot-of-the-most-sunshine.

Oh, and there’s Fall decorations to get out! And today’s also cleaning day…

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