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Oh my, we have become lazy about posting lately. That’s partly because in reading our archives, we realized that there’s an awful lot of chaff… However, it also has to do with the schedule getting switched around a fair bit. This is not only because of Retirement (we can choose our own sleep-in days), but because of the new Time of Use hydro rates, which means that laundry is best done on Saturdays. Some people say it doesn’t make a big difference, still, we like to do what we can.

So, sleep-in days are Fridays here now, but Mondays don’t always have a lot going either. The Mom is hoping that is the day she’ll be able to work on photos/movies, but quite often it’s the day for doing some non-regular job–like washing windows, yard work, shopping for new clothes, etc.

That’s our excuse, anyway!

Our pastor delivered an excellent sermon on Sunday, as usual. Some things that we "grabbed" (meaning these are NOT extensive notes!):

The scripture was from 1 John 2, continuing the series on "Stages of Faith", and her title was "Discerning the Truth".

  • John says that even though people were leaving the Church, they didn’t really belong in the first place. They were false teachers.
  • Then he said, in effect: "But YOU–you can discern the truth, because you have the Holy Spirit within you, who is the Spirit of Truth."
  • Truth is found in a relationship with God, which is possible through Jesus. (Jesus talks about "abiding" in him, which means dwelling, or making his home in you… this is where the cliche "ask Jesus into your heart" comes from.) This point seems like a Circle Story to the point above.
  • "This is eternal life, that you may know God…" So that relationship not only affects the future-life, but "eternal life" also refers to the quality of the present life.
  • God is not our Grandfather (willing to let every inconsistency in behaviour pass, rather than discipline) but our Father who desires to lovingly discipline us, to shape our character.
  • Denying the Son means denying the Father.

This sermon, for us, pointed out two very important qualities for a Lead Pastor: a desire to see people come to Christ, and a deep awareness of the Holy Spirit (in other words, "Spirit-led").

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