The kind of power that invites intimacy…

It’s interesting how one devotional can be so much "more" than another. Meaning, it seems to have so much more depth… or something. We couldn’t tell you why. Maybe it just means more to certain people at certain times. Hopefully that’s what it is when we go back and read our own "devotionals"–when some of them seem so… meh compared to others.

This is all brought on because we’re reading the current Advent devotional that was made available at our church, but have also been dipping into older Advent devotionals, in order to just get something a little "more". I think those older ones are written by one of those authors who just always have something wonderful to say (Henry Nouwen). Here’s a quote from this morning:

"People with power do not invite intimacy. We fear, we look up to, we envy people with power. God’s power is something entirely different. God does not want us to be afraid, distant, or envious. God wants to come close, very close, so close that we can rest in the intimacy of God as children in their mother’s arms."

(We tore all the pages out of all the old Advent devotionals, mixed them up, and just pull them out of a bag once in awhile… like every day of Advent!)

The Mom got lots done yesterday! Her list got shortened quite a bit, then she thought: "OH! But it’s not even December yet!" o-O Well, there’s still all the shopping to do of course. Rej went for one dinner yesterday, the guys have another one today, and then there’s the Birthday Dinner on Friday!

Oops! Forgot the Hint yesterday!

THIRD HINT: This person is always getting used.

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