She knew…

Very short sermon notes today:

  • God doesn’t test us so we fail, but he tests us in order to strengthen us.
  • As someone told Sharon: "new levels = new devils".
  • "Don’t waste the pain."
  • As we obey God, it opens up His Word for us–it means so much more to us.

The Jesus in Genesis analogy was kind of obvious, being the story of Abraham giving up his son Isaac to be sacrificed. Remember how God provided a Lamb instead, at the last moment. OH my! For the reading from Genesis, they had a father and son acting it out while it was read, and The Mom was in tears! Such a beautiful son! (He was only about 7 or 8, but called out his part well: "Father, here is the wood, but where is the sacrifice?") Then when Sharon got up to give the message, she admitted that it had her in tears as well. :)

There are just so many lessons in that story, most of them about willing obedience. Abraham obeyed, and Isaac totally trusted his father when he was tied up and laid on the wood. (I personally suspect that Abraham knew all along that God was going to either supply a lamb, or bring Isaac back to life.) When Mary was told that she would soon be pregnant out of wedlock, she offered herself up willingly.

Mary could have been stoned to death, for that. Instead her name became a very common name. And she knew things others didn’t, and "pondered them in her heart"–a very thoughtful person. HAHAHA–what a great segue, eh? Did you guess it? It was definitely hard not to give last week’s person away, while we were hinting.

Now for this week.

FIRST HINT: This person can be kinda stinky sometimes.

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