Snakes and Ladders

Some quick sermon notes…

Craig’s "Genesis of Christmas" sermon was about Jacob having the dream about the ladder reaching to heaven, and the angels going up and down on it. He said that while we in the west have to have everything firm and tangible, in the east dreams are no less significant/real because they’re intangible. You probably know that the ladder represents Jesus, being the "bridge" that enables us to enter Heaven and a relationship with God himself. (See John 1:51) Also note that there were angels going up and down on the "Ladder", as there are several angels in the Christmas Story; and angels ministered to Jesus during his temptation as well as in the Garden of Gethsemene; they were there at his ascension, and will be there to blow the trumpet at his return!

We also appreciated Craig’s "snake story". When his kids were little and they were in another country, his wife called to him that there was a snake in the room. He ignored her at first, then came out to find that it was a real snake. It wasn’t too big, but he did find out that it was still poisonous (a cobra!) His analogy was that the Snake of this world, though wounded, is still about and still poisonous, and we should not ignore the warnings of others about him!

OK… off to get a birthday cake for Baby Bear, who is 23 today!

THIS WEEK’S HINT: This person had a difficult decision to make.

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