Ah, the Season of Light! Like the sun’s slow brightening of the edges of our outside picture right now! The ambient glow on the sparkly Christmas tree decorations is the last we’ll see of that, since it comes down today. The Mom is always so mixed about that… she hates to put it away, but also enjoys the light that comes in when it’s gone. And maybe we’ll even get some more "fluffy-whiteness" out there one of these days, to brighten up the world even more. (Aren’t we poetic today! :P)

Last night’s Twelfth Night celebration certainly went well–the turkey turned out soooo delicious! (So they say, me, I prefer cat treats.)

Meanwhile, here’s wishing you a year full of "ah-ha" moments; and even some times to be "filled with ecstatic joy" like the wise men!

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