It sure is pretty.

Some people are waking up this morning and saying "I didn’t mean to complain about it yesterday, God!" ‘Cos there’s so. much. snow coming down out there right now. Wow!

This will likely be the last day of working on Christmas pictures. The Mom sure has enjoyed it, but it’s time to make a note of where she left off on the old ones, and finish up with the ones from this year. The rest will still be there when Christmas rolls around again!

On to other fun things that The Mom has yet to do…

Her gifts were the first ones wrapped, before the tree was even up. But here you see that they did get "under the tree", or better said: "the tree is on top of them". This is all the Wii things that Rej & Sam got her, PLUS a new computer and Photoshop. Add to that the puzzle table that Nannie and Pappy got her, with new puzzle, and yes: she did rather "rake it in", don’t you think? Well, she always buys the guys things they need, like socks and stuff; they bought her what they felt she needed, as the computer experts in the house. Because now that she’s getting into some movie work, the "old" computer was starting to work pretty hard. I guess.

So, just now she’s wondering when she’ll have time to start up that new computer. The Wii has been lots of fun already, but she hasn’t even opened the dance component yet. And the puzzle table…. maybe soon!

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