You are My beloved

Sharon used a study from Henry Nouwen yesterday for her sermon (love Henry Nouwen!) which focused on 4 words describing us as God’s beloved: taken, blessed, broken, given.

TAKEN: This happens when we first respond to God’s love. It also means “chosen”. Once we have been “taken”, we begin to recognize that others have been chosen as well, and have a desire to help them see that.

BLESSED: We choose to live with an attitude of gratitude, rather than counting our curses. Another word for blessing is “benediction”, which means to “speak well”–we should often speak words of praise/blessing to those around us.

BROKEN: When there is brokenness in our lives, we usually don’t know what to do. Often we choose to run from the problem, or deny it. But the first step to healing is to face it (accept it), and then put it under the blessing of God. In other words, realize that we need God’s help, and that he is able to work something good out of it, impossible as it seems!

GIVEN: When we give of ourselves to God and allow him to “give us”, he will multiply that gift, though we may never know how much!

The praise songs in the service yesterday were all so wonderful… we’ve made a note to grab them from the website as soon as it gets put up there! A young man was baptized, and they matched his testimony quite well, even though there was no corroboration; but beyond that, you could truly sense God’s presence.


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