Where do you think that beauty comes from?

So who was your favourite person this week? This was a difficult week in our little corner of the world, and it didn’t take long to think of who it was for me…

You know how it is when you read some scripture that feels like… soothing medicine, peace, relief. These verses kept coming up on Facebook, posted by a young girl who lost her aunt last week. The day she found out that her aunt’s body was found, she was leading her class in a devotional. She’s been reading Psalms all week, and sharing the power of God’s word with us. One of those times when the person you think needs ministering to, ministers to you instead.

I’ve been worried about this girl before–with looks like hers, thousands of pictures of her on Facebook and all her friends telling her how beautiful she is, do you blame me? I’ve known her since she was born… was there when she answered the altar call to receive Christ–whatever year that was, because she went up every year. :)  I was worried about how she’d take the news of her aunt, because I know she’s quite close to her cousin, who is around her age. She may have still been in shock, but she seemed almost annoyed that people were praying for her: "Please, focus your prayers on my family" she said.

But she’s leaning on God’s Word. No need to worry.

Bethany graduated from grade 8 this year.

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