The Mom skipped her workout last night. (GASP!) Since the other two were skipping it… Sam wasn’t feeling too good (much better today), and Rej had enough with his walk. Cathie’s been trying to figure out the Dance Revolution for the Wii–it only plays a few bars of each song! Maybe that’s because she keeps choosing "Beginner". Actually, Rej put on some oldies while she was working on her puzzle last night, and it sure would have been easy to just dance to that!

Today’s picture(s) make this "sister weekend"… We’re going to be careful how we post this on Facebook, because of those who will be especially missing their sister this weekend (Brenda’s memorial service is tomorrow).

Christine & Cathie–didn’t Nanny choose nice names? :)

And we couldn’t resist the picture that comes right after this one–a DOUBLE SISTER picture!

Sisters who are holding sisters, lol! (Crystal’s twins; Crystal holding Hope, Angele holding Faith.)

Appreciate your sisters, everyone. You never know when they will be taken from you.

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