Shake-ups can be good

John’s sermon on Sunday was not the sort that you make lots of notes on… For one thing, we wouldn’t want to do anything that might keep you from listening to it yourself (available on our church website, Not only does he have a wonderful testimony, but he is an excellent speaker. Don’t want to give away the story by telling you too much!

But basically, his message was not to give up; that it’s when things are most desperate that God shows up; that sometimes we have to obey when it defies logic. He asked us to remember what God has called us to, and not worry about what others are doing. Label that one with a big ‘E’ for Encouragement!

Speaking of encouragement, around 20 people showed up for the Sunday School meeting! Everyone wants to do what they can to help. So now The Mom is excited about starting in with the new curriculum (cheap, but looks great!), and feeling very busy all of a sudden. So for now–short posts! (*people secretly clapping in the background*)


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