PTL–P for TL ;)

I think we can combine three things today: a favourite "simple" thing, photo-day, and people-day. Well, not that the wind is really that simple, but it’s one of those things that are so common to us that we often don’t even notice it. Hard not to notice it last night though! Toronto had a wind warning out. I just LOVE the sound of the wind, especially when it’s powerful like that. Somehow, it makes me feel so at peace that I could just go to sleep. Maybe it’s because it reminds me that there is a mighty God who is in control?

Now, the person-of-the-week is the one in this photo:

Yep, we know this baby! He’s from the same family who made our person-of-the-week a couple of times already… he’s now in his 20’s and does a fantastic job of playing the drums, and guitar (not both at once :P) in one of our church’s praise bands. He also writes some amazing songs! In fact, his band, "Every Spare Second" will be opening for a Christian band that is coming to our church in May!!


OH… the "other" band is "To Tell". ;)

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