Three pictures

Since we haven’t posted for awhile, how about 3 pictures today? We started with no idea of what picture to use, and came away thinking we really should sit down and look at EACH picture someday, rather than just letting them go by on a screen saver, when you’re not really paying attention. In our winter folder for instance, there are all sorts of interesting kids-in-the-snow pics! But since we are now at the point of wanting winter to be over, we’ll get these 3 pictures over with in one day. :)

Starting with a grown-up kid. Yes, this is The Mom, in 1978. She used to LOVE downhill skiiing… do you think she’d have the guts to do it today?


Same person–on the sled. The Mom is 4 years old here. (Pappy’s sister beside her.)


PART of the same person ;) (meaning the baby, not the legs, which belong to Pappy)… Baby Sam is 2 years old here! This is where Nanny & Pappy used to live in Quebec. They would make the backyard pool a skating rink in the winter time.

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