God helped–not-only-Moses–do more than he thought he could!

The Mom was sooooo tired last night! She was falling asleep during her book, but when she turned it off she’d lie awake. Must have been that late coffee! She ended up taking a sleeping pill, but still woke up at 6 am this morning. Lying awake for half an hour makes you think you should get up, but she sure feels like going back to bed!

Yesterday started with The Mom not making too much of a fool of herself when she did the up-at-the-front Children’s Story. She’d written down everything she was going to say, so just had to read it like she wasn’t just reading it. ;) She was basically introducing the new Children’s Church curriculum. But when it was time for the kids to go downstairs, she went totally the wrong way–the kids all went down the side aisle like they were supposed to, while she went down the middle aisle. o-O No big deal though.

Then things were a bit different from what she expected, because there were two brand new preschoolers, who were extremely upset about their moms leaving them there! They did calm down shortly, but the rough start distracted the two kindergartners, who decided they didn’t want to do anything that everyone else was doing… however, once The Mom/Moses-in-a-housecoat got going with the “Bible story”, they came around, and everyone was spellbound. The two teen helpers were absolute life-savers, keeping the preschoolers happy, and then doing the puppet skit. Then when The Mom took aside the three older elementary kids and gave them the training for being “Park Patrol”–helpers and puppeteers–it was quite a hit, for them. They’re no longer “one of the kids”, but helpers with responsibilities. And believe me, they certainly were helpful already! They can look after attendance, hand out song sheets, etc. etc. They’ll have to work out something better for the preschoolers though. The curriculum does provide separate story, craft and game for them, but these ones are just learning English.

One of the funnest–that word isn’t even red-underlined, so it really is a word :P–one of the funnest parts of the new curriculum is the snack-that-tries-to-match the Bible story. Yesterday they ate “Burning Bushes” (broccoli bushes with carrot stick flames stuck in them), and next week they’ll have “frogs and bugs” (celery and sunflower seeds) in “honour” of the plagues on Egypt. Okay, okay, we knew a lot of the kids wouldn’t eat broccoli, but some of them did, and an alternative was provided that they all liked (rice chips).

Hmmm… didn’t think this was going to be so long! Better finish off quickly by saying the reason The Mom was so exhausted was that after Children’s Church, she had an hour to come home and eat lunch, then was back to the church setting up for the Club House fundraiser: a dance-a-thon & bake sale. You know how she can’t keep still when there’s dancing to be done–and after that of course, there’s cleaning up! Then home to make an easy supper, and to bed, leaving that cleaning for today!

So there’s not time for listening to the sermon we missed (someone else should make notes for us!), but… oh my, LOVE the lesson from Children’s Church. Remember how Moses told God, who was talking from the burning bush, that he couldn’t do it? “God helped Moses do more than he thought he could!”

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