Family Stories

Instead of actual pictures today, I’m going to talk about pictures. They’re actually pictures of a scrapbooking album. It’s been on my list for a loooong time, to sit down and slowly read through all my mom’s scrapbooking albums, enjoying all the details of family history. Lately I’ve realized that this is something I can do during short periods when there’s nothing else to do, instead of playing Scramble or Lexulous! And of course, it’s quite fitting to start NOW, as this is the week that we’ve discovered some long-lost family history, with my brother’s family tree research.

So the first album in the folder is actually one made by Crystal, for Mom & Dad’s 50th Anniversary. There will be a lot of reading in this one! The opening pages have the speeches that Crystal collected from each of them–not the actual speeches they made at the party… I smile as I remember how Mom could only say one sentence, since she was choking up; and then Dad, in his typical joking style, yells out “That’s all you’re saying about me!!??”

So it was a good idea for Crystal to get them to write something ahead of time, for the album, which people could read at the weekend party. Dad had so many things he was proud of Mom for, in his. I like how he talks about the excitement of holding her hand at the movies, and how shaky his hand was when he was putting the engagement ring on her finger… and he actually says he was “so proud of her when she was born again” even though he’s not the “born again” type of person! :D

Mom talks about how helpful and thoughtful Dad always was, being there with her for the birth of their children. He stayed right with her and kept encouraging her while I was being born–back in the day when dads didn’t really do that so much!

You know how there are always family stories that everyone knows about. One I remember is how, when they were first married–Mom was only 17 and didn’t know how to cook–she made the whole bag of macaroni, not knowing how much it was going to expand. She tells another story here that I hadn’t heard: she decided to bake him a chocolate cake, though she’d never done it before. It fell and wasn’t cooked properly, but time had run out. So she quickly broke it up into pieces and told him to add milk, it was a pudding. Very resourceful, Mom!! :)


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